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Children and Young People

The Education Secretary announced plans to support vulnerable children in school settings.  The proposals include:
-  Taking forward changes to the School Admissions Code and improving the speed of the in-year admissions process so vulnerable children can access a school place as quickly as possible;
- Making sure the mental health difficulties of children with social workers is tackled by ensuring both initial teacher training and the social work standards equip professionals with the right knowledge and skills on mental health. The Department for Education will bring together best practice on how to support children who have experienced childhood adversity, including the impact on mental health;
- Better sharing of information between councils and schools, including making sure social workers are informed when a child they support is excluded from school, and closer working between schools and councils to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils;
- Working across Government to tackle the causes of disadvantage, including on domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, serious violence, and exploitation; and
- Making sure disadvantaged children are in education, by taking forward the Timpson Review recommendations and tackling off-rolling, absence and exclusions.


Opportunity North East
DfE published a call for proposals to pitch ideas to help children fulfil their potential. This is supported by funding from the Opportunity North East programme. Link here

Ofsted Inspections of Schools
Ofsted's Chief Inspector has called for the current outstanding school exemption to be removed. By law outstanding primary and secondary schools are exempt from routing inspection, but can be inspected if concerns arise about performance. In 2018-19 inspection of outstanding schools increased and found a decline in school performance. Link here

Children's Future Food Inquiry
A report published by the Children's Future Food inquiry explored the food situation of disadvantaged children across the UK. DfE wrote to all schools to highlight issues raised in the report and encourage schools to ensure school children have a positive lunchtime experience, avoid stigma about free school meals entitlement and have access to free drinking water.  Link Here

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Guidance
Final guidance published by DfE for schools on relationships, sex and health education. This will be compulsory for all schools from 2020, with early adopter schools teaching the new content from September.  Link here

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