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Fever and Vomiting Outbreak Affecting Gateshead Schools

Fever and vomiting outbreak affecting Gateshead Schools


As many of you know there have been numerous reports in the press regarding fever and vomiting bugs across many schools throughout the North East.


Public Health England North East are working with many schools to offer advice and guidance.


Building Cleaning have taken the decision that all areas within schools will be cleaned with ‘Screen’ during this time and not just washroom areas.


Schools can help by ensuring any vomit is cleaned up as quickly as possible, using the correct cleaning products and equipment.

What is Screen:

When a deeper, more hygienic cleanse is essential, Premiere Screen Virucidal Disinfectant is an innovative solution for killing harmful bacteria and viruses. This biodegradable, concentrated disinfectant cleaner by Premiere Products is extremely powerful with virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties that can be used in a wide range of environments which need to prioritise health and hygiene above all.Idea for surfaces in washrooms, showers and around swimming pool facilities or in the healthcare industry for infection control, this formula deep cleans and deodorises as well killing harmful microbes including HIV, Hepatitis B, Athlete’s Foot and MRSA.


When the risk is reduced, we will revert back to our normal cleaning products.


Schools are reminded about the importance of handwashing for the children during this time and the recent news article for free training on correct handwashing from Environmental Health.

21 Nov 2019

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